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KINGDREAMZ ENT was founded in 2010 by Errol Williams. Based in Orlando, Florida, KingDreamz ENT is the new pioneering force in Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B and Latin entertainment. From fashion shows, concerts, to film KD ENT promises to bring state-of-the art experiences from around the globe. With its multi-cultural influences KingDreamz has focused its vision on doing what is best for their artists and clients by providing excellence and quality services.

Errol “Ajanie” Williams the CEO/President of KingDreamz ENT and over the past 6 years he has worked and grown into a great up and coming producer. Working with independent labels in South and Caribbean, Ajanie had his first produced hit song in 2006 a cross-over Hip Hop track entitled “Everything is Gon Be Ok” by Oddyssey ft Tanya on the islands of St. Marteen & Martinque. He then went on to produce a song for Up & Coming Dancehall artist Marquest whose single “Lock Di City” was #1 in Barbados and Bahamas. As his momentum built he garnished more Caribbean hit singles….which lead to him creating records for International Reggae Artist & Grammy Award winners Bennie Man, Sizzla, Bounty Killer, Capleton and many More!! Showing his versatility Ajanie is now taking on the new role as CEO of KD ENT! With his distinctive ear for music and resilient work ethic he promises this entertainment company is going to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.

KingDreamz ENT know that by providing fans with what they want and the entertainment they deserve that this company will continue to strive and grow in this industry. We also commit to the personal development of our artist and client relationship, by having goals and great aspirations we know we can continue to ensure excellence in our services and products. KingDreamz ENT  your best choice for Music, Fashion, Film, and Live Entertainment.